La Technique

Rightsizing a platform into a tool

About the Leornian project

Building Leornian: motivation, concept, design, and lessons learned.

Investigating an unresponsive PHP web server

Optimizing random row selection in SQL

A fast alternative to ORDER BY RANDOM() in SQL, plus how to implement in Django.

A lightweight pip workflow

Tools like Pipenv may be overkill for many Python projects.

The inner workings of CSRF token validation in Django

Investigating unexpected behavior in Django’s CSRF protection.

Generating human-friendly reference codes

When natural keys act unnaturally

Building a dev blog with the Pelican static site generator

How I went through the process of building a dev blog: selecting a host, choosing a generator, and building a theme.

Problems of the modern technological world

Food for thought for those of us who cannot live nor work without digital technology.